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P90X Week 1 Complete!

diabetes p90x type 1

Hey Warriors!

I finished my first week with P90X! I have to say it worked me hard! I have been working out and lifting steady for several months, but after a week of P90X my muscles are screaming at me!  

My blood sugar readings have been great throughout the entire week.  I average 105 for the past seven days, which is down from 125 the week before! It's a good trend and I hope to keep that up.  Fortunately, I did experience any lows after the workouts which was a concern.  Always remember to monitor your BGs before, during, and after strenuous activities!

The DIABAND performed great during each workout! I used it over that pod and another to hold my iPhone.  I don't mind listening to Tony Horton, but I needed my music too!

In terms of the workout, the Plyo X killed me! That was an extremely intense session, but you feel great after it is finished.  My favorite was Arms and Shoulders....the glamour muscles!! Of course, all of the workouts are very intense and push you to you limit. 

I'm excited to continue the journey through P90X and I'll keep the updates coming!




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