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What are DIABANDS?

DIABANDS are high-performance, discreet band-style cases that protect insulin pumps, allowing users greater freedom to pursue their daily activities.  DIABANDS also offers a PICC Defender that is perfect for covering and protecting PICC / IV lines.


How do they work?

Tubeless Insulin Pumps: DIABANDS slide securely over the pod to greatly reduce the occurrence of the pod becoming dislodged from the body.  DIABANDS are worn comfortably over the upper arm, upper leg, or around the stomach.                    

Traditional Insulin Pumps: We offer DIABANDS with a special pocket to hold an insulin pump close and secure to the body. This allows users to wear their pump in almost any location on their body!


When should DIABANDS be worn?

All the time!  DIABANDS are made of high-performance material providing users with comfort and security at all times.  DIABANDS are designed to keep up with your active lifestyle. Whether at the gym, at work, or at school, DIABANDS are your perfect companion!


DIABANDS are machine washable so they are perfect for working out, running, or swimming.  DIABANDS are made of fast drying, odor control micro fabric so they are perfect for working out or other vigorous activity!


Are there other uses for DIABANDS?

Yes! DIABANDS are the perfect accessory for an active lifestyle.  DIABANDS can be used by anyone to securely hold your phone, MP3 player, or other electronic device during your workout or run.   Runners can also use the band to securely hold keys, cash, credit cards, etc. during a long run.



DIABANDS can be customized to showcase your personal style and individuality.  With DIABANDS multiple colors, you can match your band to any outfit.