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DIABANDS In Action!!


Another great shot of DIABANDS in Action! Here is Warrior Jennifer shredding some waves with her DIABAND protecting her Omnipod!  Here is what Jennifer has to say about DIABANDS.


The DIABAND worked great while surfing.  It stayed put over my Omnipod pump and didn't slide down my arm like other bands do. I surfed for 3 hours straight with it on, and it didn't bother my arm or leave indentions after all that time. Thanks for letting me try these out doing an action sport, I have found my solution!  Love DIABANDS!!"

Thank you Jennifer!!  


Proud of Warrior Stephen playing football and rockING a DIABAND Arm Band!!  Here's what Stephen's dad had to say about DIABANDS.

"These bands are great! My son had been wearing a sweatband/wristband to cover his Omnipod pod during football. It got loose and nasty and didn't really work. Ordered a Diaband and he's been wearing it for a few weeks now. He loves it! It's light, strong and protects his pod during football (he actually wears it all the time - not just during football). I'll be ordering some waistbands when basketball and baseball seasons start. He wears his pod on his stomach during those sports. Thanks again Diaband!"

Thank you guys!!!



We had a great time at the 2014 South Dakota Tour de Cure!!

My son modeling the DIABAND! He's such a ham!  DIABANDS are perfect for little WARRIORS, teens, and adults!


Action shots!!  Using  DIABANDS during a workout!